Eviction comes with a heavy price tag because it leaves a detrimental judgment on an individual credit for 7 years. This detrimental judgment ruins the chances of redemption in finding suitable safe housing for families. Evictions has caused homelessness in Collin County and it impacts children’s learning ability in the classrooms. As of last year, Collin County ISD reported close to 2,000 homeless students.

The Eviction Diversion Protectors was created out of a problem that exist in the United States and Collin County. Evictions occurs in Collin County every Tuesday and Thursday at an alarming rate. An increase in the homeless population in Collin has been attributed to evictions. The Eviction Diversion Protectors is a collaborative program in Collin County designed to assist landlords and tenants in resolving back rent situations without receiving a credit damaging judgment. Currently, The Eviction Diversion Protectors are raising funding to help rescue the first 40 families out of the Justice of the Peace courts. Will you join our fight? Please make a donation today to help save a family.

Eviction Diversion - Basic Process

If you live in Collin County and are facing eviction for non-payment of rent, you might be eligible for our program. These four things must be true:

  1. Tenant is no more than one month behind in rent.
  2. Tenant has received a Summons and Complaint to appear in court for eviction of non-payment of rent.
  3. There is a voluntary agreement between tenant and landlord to work out the back rent situation.
  4. Tenant can sustain rent after assistance is provided (Is there enough income in the household?)

If you have not received assistance through the Eviction Diversion Protectors and you believe you might qualify for this program, please call us at 972-905-0463.